quotes i like

Call me a bitch, call me a whore.
Call me whatever, I've heard it before.
Say that I'm a fake, say that I lie.
Say what you want, you won't see me cry.
I know what you say & I know it's not true.
but talking about me, whats that say about you?


Don`t get me wrong,
I love the whole single, flirting, fun thing, but
I guess sometimes I wouldn't mind the whole

kissing, holding hands, & being his girl thing.


i`m stareing at your photograph -
remembering everytime you made me laugh -
i never thought i`d miss you this much.


Just be yourself,
and if people don't like it..

well then fuck them.
- Paris Hilton.




Oh please. I don't turn heads
I fuc
king break necks..

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OfficeMax is the place to be!

So its like 8:15 and me and my mom decide to go to OfficeMax to get some school stuff. There were so many people i knew there it was redic.!
-Alex A.
-Robbie (diff. one)
-and some brazilian girl everyone knows but doesnt know her name

lol so yea just wanted to write this cuz i thought it was pretty awesome. only cool kids think to go to OfficeMAx on a Thursday night.
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hey ya'll! i got a new layout but the backround isn't working so this is fine for now. okay tell me if you know any places with good layouts cuz im getting sick of this livejournal so i wanna spice things up! hahaa i love you guys! <3
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ups and downs

"Ups and Downs"
we did these at camp everyday
Remember when kerri had a "down" that sean joyce was in a coma? RIP

-max left today
+becca came yesterday

-joy leaves for camp sunday (without me, for the first time since we were eight) fuck that.
+mikes bday party is sunday. hes 16!

-CIT shit again tomarrow
+we're ordering chinese

-kristen, kerri and ej and everyone else are all going to camp too
+me and cristina might hang out with court and lisa while they're there

thats it for now.
somehow my "downs" are overpowering my "ups"...
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this is cute..

Today at camp this little boy, Anthony, was like over in the corner alone like all sad and stuff. So being the good CIT that I am I went over and asked him what's wrong. He was upset because he got out while playing Wonderball. (even though we had finished the game like a half hour ago). So I asked him if he wanted to come play tag with us or dodgeball with the other boys or cards with some other kids but he was still sad and he didn't want to play anything. Then this other little boy, Dana, came over and asked Anthony what was wrong. Anthony told him he was sad that he got out of Wonderball, so Dana said, " I have a little advice to tell you, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, its how you play the game." And then Anthony was happy came and played tag with us.

I know that sounds dumb but it was really cute how Dana said it.